Couture Atelier

It all starts with an encounter, an idea, a feeling, a desire for beauty and respect…
The Couture Atelier introduces one-of-a-kind pieces, worked with Traditional Couture technics, involving patience and love for fabrics and details.

A one-of-a-kind piece starts with a meeting. Sitting around a table and drinking some tea, we chat to define your tastes, your desires, and every little detail making the final outfit your outfit. You later choose the design, measures are taken and your pattern is drafted. After this comethe fittings: a muslin at first, then the real one taking shape, to the last one and the delivery of your garment.
Whether working on an everyday or an eveningwear garment, fabrics are delicately chosen, enhancing your personnality as much as the garment itself.

The outfit created for you will not be reproduced identically for someone else.